At First Baptist Church, we believe that church is not an optional social club but the Body of Jesus Christ here on this earth that exists to glorify God in worship, edifying believers, and missions and evangelism!

For us, membership matters! To be a member of First Baptist Church first of all means that you are a confessing follower of Jesus Christ desiring to be obedient to Him in joining a local congregation of like faith and practice. It also means that we covenant with one another to support and build up one another in the faith. Moreover, it means that we worship together as the church. It means that we pray for one another, support one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, and serve with one another! Membership Matters

How Do I Join First Baptist Church?

First Baptist Church receives into fellowship those who have been baptized as a believer and come on transfer of membership from another Baptist church of like faith and order; statement from another church of like faith and order; or profession of faith and baptism.