First Baptist Church was founded in 1910 through the faithful efforts of seven charter members. In the beginning, Lovington New Mexico only had combined worship services for all believers in Christ to attend. As time went on, different denominations began to develop with the Presbyterian Church being formed first and second by the Baptists.

Claude Creighton, a dedicated Baptist layman, was influential in founding the first Baptist church in Lovington serving as its first Sunday School Superintendent. Mr. Creighton helped oversee the purchasing of land east of town where the Lea County fairgrounds are now located. Through diligent and sacrificial service, the Baptists of Lovington built their very first worship center.

In later years, the church moved to a downtown location at the corner of First and Washing streets. A large basement was constructed to house the services. Later, a two-story brick building was constructed over the basement, and dedication services for this building were held in 1947.

As the Lord increased our numbers, new needs developed. Through further sacrifice and faithfulness, the present worship center was dedicated on May 23, 1982. The education building was dedicated on May 15, 1994. On April 1, 2007, the church also completed the building of the church office complex.

The First Baptist Church has a longstanding relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, and the Southeastern Baptist Association in Lea County. The following Lovington churches began as missions of First Baptist Church: Jackson Ave. Baptist Church, Northside Baptist Church, Love Street Baptist Church, and First Baptist Spanish Mission.

First Baptist Church has also has a longstanding commitment to local, state, national, and international missions both through missionary service and financial giving. God has risen up numerous people from within this congregation to serve in full time Christian ministry.

The following men have served as Pastor of First Baptist Church:

1910-1914 J.M. Roden Jr.
1914-1916 J.A. Clause
1916-1918 L.O. Vermillion
1918-1920 E.J. Barb
1920-1922 W.F. Dillard
1925-1929 J.B. Parker
1929-1930 J.M. Sibley
1930-1934 W.C. Garrett
1934-1936 Aubrey Short
1936-1938 S.B. Hughes
1938-1941 Loyal E. Brown
1941-1943 A.D. Norris
1943-1946 William Draper
1946-1951 L.W. Hardcastle
1951-1956 C.G. Watt
1957-1964 J. Samuel Phillips
1964-1971 E.J. Bradshaw
1971-1972 Harry Brooks
1972-1974 Hezel Stewart
1975-2010 Harry Pittam
2011-2014 Danny Kirkpatrick

First Baptist Church is grateful to God for its wonderful heritage and is excited for all that God will do for our future.

(Based upon History of First Baptist Church, Lovington, New Mexico written by Frances A. Hunter and Jerrel-Dean Clark, 100th Anniversary)